“With our many years of yacht based aviation experience, we are uniquely suited to aid clients in having a successful experience with their yacht based helicopter from acquisition to pilot recruitment and yacht deck design. We strive to marry the two worlds of aviation and yachting in the most enjoyable way possible.”



ARG has partnered with On Deck Aviation in order to provide full consulting services for yacht-based aviation. Our experienced team handles all facets of yacht based aviation acquisitions: from identifying the perfect aircraft for the yacht, acquisition, completions, delivery, and post delivery services such as pilot and technician placement. Having a well planned aircraft for the yacht will ensure a pleasurable operation that meets the clients and yacht team’s expectations.

By combining a team of pilots and technicians with real world experience of flying, maintaining, and managing helicopters on various yachts from the earliest days of yacht based aviation – along with an experienced group of sales & completion consultants our company offers a unique and beneficial service offering to clients embarking on the construction of a new helicopter for their on-ship operations.